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Saturday 28th January 2012
Big Shiny Positive Living Event
Glastonbury Town Hall, Magdalene Street, Glastonbury, Somerset, BA6 9EL
11am - 7pm
Admission: £3.00 includes cuppa and all talks

Celia Gunn: The Wisdom of your Totem Animal
and totem animal readings




March 7, 2012
Awakening to Conscious Co-Creation Radio Show Interview
On Voice America 7th Wave (

The Spirit of Place with Anthony Thorley

Listen Here:

Anthony Thorley is one of the foremost experts on landscape zodiacs and he will discuss the landscape as a living form, speaking to us, and ways in which we can make contact with the "Spirit of Place". Anthony has been leading monthly pilgrimages through the Landscape Zodiac in Glastonbury, England, for three years. He will reveal his findings, the importance of sacred sites, how they relate to our consciousness and the importance of synchronicity as a normal experience. Anthony will also discuss the causation of natural earth mysteries: ley lines, earth patterns, energy forms and zodiacs. How they come to exist and the role of our own consciousness and the power of our thought! See and

Sunday 18 March 2012
New Dimensions Group
Friends' Meeting House
126 Hampton Road, Redland, Bristol

Anthony Thorley:
The great God Lugh and the Enchantment of Olympic London 2012

Play is the highest expression of spirit and in 2012 we call the global family to play at the Olympic Games in London . Anthony's illustrated talk will show intriguing evidence from ancient British history, myth and legend, that the Olympic site in Hackney is a geomantic hot-spot, a living landscape that has been preparing for this moment in history for many years. Illustrated talk.

Contribution: £5.00



Saturday - Sunday 14th-15th April 2012
The Society of Ley Hunters Moot,

Avebury Village Hall, Avebury, WIltshire.

Saturday: Talks by Anthony Thorley, Celia Gunn, Nicholas Mann and Bob Trushaw

Celia Gunn: A Twist in Coyote's Tale: the Rebirth of a Native American Mother Tribe
Anthony Thorley: The Great God Lugh and the Spirit of the 2012 London Olympics

Sunday: Tour of Avebury environs with Peter Knight

£25.00 for both days


Friday-Sunday 27th-29th April 2012
Eternal Knowledge Festival,
Holly Hills, Thorington, Suffolk IP17 3RB

Anthony Thorley: "Apollo's Arrow & the Secret Knowledge of the Bronze Age"
Although they had no written language, people living in Western Europe four thousand years ago seem to have left evidence of considerable mathematical and astronomical knowledge which challenges our modern thinking about their culture and cosmology, and their contribution to our contemporary world.
Anthony will present his findings in an illustrated talk.
Details of venue, prices and other speakers:


Thursday, 24 May

The Hub, Islington, London 6-9pm
Polly Higgins, environmental lawyer and founder of the Ecocide is a Crime campaign
Maddy Harland, co-founder and editor of Permaculture Magazine
Francesca de Gasparis of The Green Belt Movement
Celia Gunn, writer and champion of the Sinixt Nation in British Columbia Canada
Wanjira Maathai, daughter of the late Wangari Maathai (video address)
Ela Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi's granddaughter (written address)

More information:

June Monday 11th June 2012
Bath Positive Living Group
‘The Coffee Lounge’, Manvers Street Baptist Church, Bath

Celia Gunn From Sinixt to Somerset: the Rebirth of a Native American Mother Tribe
An illustrated presentation

Doors open 7.00pm (tea and biscuits available on arrival)
Admission £5






Sunday 7th Oct 9th
Convention of Alternative Archaeology and Earth Mysteries
Bouverie Hall, Pewsey, Wiltshire
10.15am - 6.00pm
Six international speakers including
Celia Gunn: Following Saint Cuthbert: Sacred Geomancy in Northumbria
An illustrated presentation

Celia will also be conducting a lunchtime totem animal workshop


Tuesday 9th October
Wessex Research Group
Avalon Constitiutional Club, 50 High Street, Glastonbury

Celia Gunn:
A Twist in Coyote's Tale: the Rebirth of a Native American Mother Tribe

An enigmatic encounter with a Native American visionary drew Englishwoman Celia Gunn into the rebirth of his tribe, a people declared extinct by the Canadian government. For six years, she walked a path few have travelled, her life entwined with Native American way of life. Celia will share her heart-warming story and the vital relevance of traditional Native American teachings to us all. An illustrated presentation.

Celia's book about her extraordinary experience, 'A Twist in Coyote's Tale', has been adapted into a film, 'The Sinix't: Bringing Home the Bones', now on general release. Her other books include a novel 'A Dark Wind' and a book on animal spirit guides, 'Simply Totem Animals'. A new novel is due for publication in 2012.

TIME: 7.30pm
Contribution: £5.00


November Wednesday 7th November
Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group
Coronation Hall, Alton Barnes, Wiltshire

Celia Gunn: Totem Animals and Crop Circles
An illustrated presentation
WCCSG Member £4, Non-Members & Guests £5.

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